The Jerseys without stripes

In the summer of 1975 Dennis Homan, Johnny Musso, & Larry Willingham all appeared in a preseason publicity shot heralding the arrival of the Vulcans. The Americans had won the 1974 World Bowl but due to numerous financial struggles the WFL football team residing at Legion Field would no longer be known as the Americans. Given Birmingham’s long-standing status as the Vulcan city primarily because of the large Vulcan Statue high atop Red Mountain and the long established steel industry in town, the team became known as the Vulcans. In the photo, shot at Legion Field,(which incidentlaly was sporting a newly installed field of astro-turf for 1975) the 3 Vulcans players sported the familiar red, white, & blue uniforms, and held a helmet with the new Vulcans logo. Apparently the helmets were so new, the facemask wasn’t even mounted yet. But looking at the jerseys that they were wearing, one notices a glaring difference. No sleeve stripes. However, when the Vulcans kicked off the ’75 season, there they were, wearing the familiar striped sleeves that their predecessors, the Americans had worn. The jerseys without the stripes? Never seen again.

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