Hello again old (new) friend


When the Birmingham Americans won the inaugural World Bowl in 1974, most of the players were presented with championship rings. There were some who did not receive rings due to contractual obligations, ie: the players who did not sign with Birmingham in 1975 did not receive rings. One of the players who received a ring, and wore it proudly was defensive lineman Dickie Trower. Trower was one of the fixtures on the dee line for the Ams & Vulcans, teaming with Bob Tatarek, John Andrews, Jessie Wolf, Harry Gooden, Larry Estes, Butch Brezina,  & John Baker to make a formidable defensive front for the Ams & Vulcans. Trower wore his ring with pride and on occasion would show it to anyone who inquired about it. Trower, who works for a resort development in Northern Virginia, was speaking to potential clients one afternoon last year, when one of the group asked about his ring. Dickie took the ring off and showed to the curious patron. Afterwards, Dickie was distracted and went to take care of a business related matter,but returned some minutes later to retrieve the ring, but the people who were in the room, along with his ring, were gone. Dickie looked for the ring as well as those who might have it to no avail. Days and weeks passed, with no luck, while Trower was sickened at the prospect of losing his championship ring.

Trower’s nephew, Greg Vaughn, upon hearing of the loss of the ring, began a mission, of sorts, to replace the ring. Greg contacted Jonsil, the manufacturer of the rings back in 1974, and attempted to order a replacement. The process was quite protracted and at times frustrating, with the details of the original ring finally being replicated after multiple draft models.Vaughn was successful in his efforts, which proved to be Herculean at times. Ultimately, Greg was able to present his uncle with the replacement ring, which is a perfect match to the one that was lost. While Dickie’s original ring is still out there, somewhere, its good to know that he can, again, show his World Bowl ring proudly to any and all who may see him. And he can also boast about a very loyal nephew.

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